Stage Works

Unless preceded by concert credits, audio excerpts are MIDI realizations.

The History Lesson

Theater piece for soprano and tenor soloists, high school chamber choir, and instrumental ensemble [clarinet, piano, two percussionists, quartet], texts by Francesca Soriano Hersh (2001), ca. 50’

The History Lesson takes place during a high school history class. Its subject is a survey of fires that have made their mark on the public consciousness (especially the Hartford circus fire of 1944), but its fundamental theme is the fire that burns in young Americans and ignites on the campuses of our schools.

Excerpts from the premiere by Kerry Walsh, soprano, Stephen Rumph, tenor, the Nevada Union High School Chamber Choir, and Music Now, Hersh: Children of Ash, Little Miss 1565, Red Man.


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Theatre piece for actors and electric ensemble, based on an event broadcast over the Internet [in progress]



The sensitive and exciting music of Howard Hersh belongs in the American canon.

Pauline Oliveros